Creative Jumpstart Day 2 –


Day 2 – Another daunting adventure! We are copying a painting from Matisse using Watercolour crayons. I don’t have crayons but I do have pencils. I have played with them before and what I noticed that they don’t work well wet-in-wet. So I laid all the colour in and then added water and blended stuff. What I understood of this lesson was to try laying all the colour in …but not trying to draw a face and then add the colour. Things did go a little wonky! But it was fun!


Creative Jump Start 2016 Day 1

Flowers Day 1

So this is Day 1 of a course called Creative Jump Start. I checked it out online having no idea what Multi Media meant… but I was looking for something to get me going in 2016. So far I have been only working with Watercolours, this first project was really daunting. It started by painting a base with acrylic ink and then a layer of white acrylic on top and then scraping that off with a credit card…!!!! So far out of the box for me!!!

Day 30/30 – Anne – “Sunset on the Lizard range”

So in the spirit of the end of the challenge the theme of the last day is “Sunset”. So for anyone living in the ElK Valley right now, you will understand that there is no friggin’ sunset these days! A whole bunch of dark grey set actually! So this painting is inspired by a photo that happens to be Kim Doucette Legge’s profile picture! If you look at it you will know how far from it it actually is but needless to say a very tricky image to paint!

I am truly thankful to  everyone for following our challenge and all the positive feedback and support! Just getting into the routine and losing a major part of the ego associated with the creations was all part of it … here’s hoping we have started something!


Day 30/30 – Pamm- Yeah!!! – Oil – “Tea at Sunset”

So in the spirit of the end of the challenge the theme of the last day is “Sunset”.

This beautiful Bone China Tea Cup was my Grandmothers, it is now displayed in my daughter Alishia’s hutch.

So here is a little essay on the challenge!

What 30 days has accomplished!

It took 21 days to make a habit. So I have established a habit of not being attached to the outcome, to show up and paint. Partnership with Anne has helped to stay motivated. Small Studie has still been painted 😉 Get At it first thing in the morning. Focus, Fortitude, Discipline !


Day 29/30 – Anne – “A Wee Goldie”

In celebration of making it home from a Girls 17u volleyball tournament in Calgary this weekend …a “wee goldie” was required medicine! Here’s to squeaky shoes, whistles, and about 30 teams of high-pitched girl screams! All great fun!

I thought since we stayed in a hotel right next to the venue I would have had lots of downtime to paint, but I was the video mom for the weekend so “A Wee Goldie” is it!

By the way …this is a very yummy MACALLAN Gold  🙂


Day 28/30 – Anne – “figure study”

Last winter I attended an open studio session of figure drawing at the Fernie Art Station with Michelle Kramer.  Throughout the sessions many of the other students progressed from black charcoal drawings to ones with more colour and then to painting with oil  and acrylics. Me pretty much being a beginner in the room…stayed with the charcoal! Quite scarred to try out using some colour and trying to mix skin tomes! So throughout this little challenge I seem to have tried quite a few different things to paint. Today it’s a figure study!